Where oh where has Normie been? I took a sabbatical from the limelight, internet, and pretty much real life for a few years. I'm going to say since about 2003 I've been AFK. Life's little ups and downs pretty much enveloped me and put me into a tailspin that gave me a lot of lifes lessons, I've learned a lot about life, love and myself; and it's made me a better person overall. After my parents passed, I managed to try to hold onto someone who was completely wrong for me, when that ended, I decided it was time for a big change in my life! I quit my relatively well paying job, sold my abode dirt cheap, and headed for the hills. After cashing in my chips and moving, I began to establish myself in a small community, building new friendships, business and even a new life for myself. Shortly thereafter I purchased a nice little place for me and the Chevelle, and things turned on me again, what would life be without all the little trials and tribulations? Went on an expedition with some friends out west, and caught a bit of "Wrong time, wrong place" syndrome. Ended up in an establishment where a fight broke out, and while trying to get out of the fray, I ended up getting hit twice on the back of the head with what I presume was a whiskey bottle. Two serious fractures of my skull, a hemmorage between my skull and brain, a few days in ICU and a lot of medical bills later, here I am. In debt to my eyeballs, no health insurance, and a lot of changes. Of course the investigation was botched, and here I am! I can say without question I have learned a lot through my experiences. I've also gained a new outlook on life, and I spend a lot of time enjoying myself rather than going crazy! Eventually things will catch up, and I'll be able to afford all of the little things I've left to buy to really put the Chevelle together, but I am glad I stockpiled a lot of parts before all of this happened! So now that I have time for myself, I can spend it doing something I can enjoy! Turning wrenches and laying down paint!