About Me? Well what can I say, read the tagline.. I am just a loose nut, tightening bolts! I've always been half of a car guy! Whats that mean? Well, I absolutely LOVE cars, trucks, motorcycles.. Classic lines, speed, power, handling, crusin and the odd. Could I tell you every car by sight? Probably not. Could I tell you the history of them? Some! Will I point out an incorrect chalkmark, date code, intake or paint color? Hell NO! So yeah, I am not a complete purist; nor am I fanatical by brand, type, make, purpose or continent. I appreciate all kinds of automobiles, and the people who work at them to make them their own! Car Guys are just that.. People who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, or pay someone to get their hands dirty. Guys that can stand around a complete hunk of junk while drinking a beer/whatever and bench racing for hours!

A computer nerd by trade, I figured it'd be best to put a website up to chronicle my progress. I've since moved on, and now do service work, and graphics for vehicles, signs, storefronts etc. The pace of life is better, the income however, is not. But I am HAPPY, which is what I wasn't for quite some time! Now I enjoy family, friends, cars, photography and relaxation! I've traveled quite a bit, and would like to enjoy more again. Possibly when I hit the lottery, or patent the next great invention (hint hint)!

As an aside, google sucks! I had google adwords set up on the site to potentially make a little revenue to keep the site costs down (bandwidth is expensive), I got up to 300 bux, and they cancelled my account with no reason. I disputed the cancellation, but they just said they investigated, and wouldn't reverse it. Savages! So you'll see a donate button on my pages now, if you choose to send me something to keep the expenses down, or help me buy some parts for the chevelle, I'd greatly appreciate it! if not I hope you enjoy the site and it's content!