Of course, This page is devoted to my Chevelle! Some basics about the car.

I purchased the Chevelle in 1990, she was in BAD shape, but I was young, it was a good looking car, and well, I was young! I haven't regretted buying her yet! I did a halfassed restoration in 1991-1992 which included stripping the paint down, and welding on half quarters, as well as installing a doorskin. it was no-where near a pretty job, but she looked a lot better than what I started with. From 1992 to 1996 She was my daily driver. The Chevelle performed excellently in all weather including the nasty winters of the northeast! She even made it through deep snow where my cousins 4x4 couldn't go! I pulled the motor in 1996 and was going to insert a more robust 350 small block in the snout! Well one thing led to another, and what we've got today is a complete frame off restoration! You can see photos of my progress (as well as other adventures) on my photos page! You can learn about about WHY it has taken me so long to get this car to this stage by checking my Where I've been page! I hope to have her absolutely complete by early summer 2009! (Yes I hope)

Well, goal not met, but theres been a lot of progress so far! I've pulled the body off the frame, Started repairing the floorpans, got the new frame blasted and powdercoated, bought the bolts nuts etc I needed, replaced the bushings, got new front upper and lower a-arms, and even started assembling the frame and suspension. So while there isn't a complete Chevelle to show you yet, there is forward progress!