My Sponsors! Well I call them that, because well, without them, I wouldn't be as far along in this process as I am now! Some have given advice, time, workspace, little parts, a helping hand or encouragement! It's true what they say, genuine friends would give you the shirt off their backs, and even though they don't have websites, I wouldn't be here without them! So to everyone I know and can call a friend; I extend a heartfelt thank you!

Those that have a website are listed below, and if they can help you find something you need, or sell a product you might need, I highly recommend. I'd rather patronize good people instead of nameless faces!

Team Chevelle, a great resource even if you don't have a chevelle!

Liberty Iron Works, if it's made of metal, these folks can get it done!

landscapetrailers, the Chevelle wouldn't be here if not for them!

line-weight, A very talented artist friend! Plus he drew an unprompted el camino!

Extreme Powdercoating Provided my frame and suspension with some beautiful coverage!

If I missed you, I didn't remember your website! Just let me know and I'll add you!